All Of Our Profits Go Towards Sustainability Projects

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    The World Is Complex.
    Sustainability Doesn't Have To Be.

    Together We Can Fight The Climate Crisis
    Contribute to the fight and get 25% off all your orders
    You Choose
    Let's give back more to the planet than we take. Choose from one of our membership plans and unlock access to exclusive perks from EarthOne Grow features, free shipping, discounts & more!
    We Build
    100% of your Offset membership fee will be used to fund the projects & initiatives in our roadmap, such as our flagship product the DOOT — designed to accelerate our common goal of a sustainable future!
    We can make a difference together for as low as $2.50 USD / month
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    End-To-End Sustainablity

    We are mindful of the entire product lifecycle from: design so electronics can be reused, materials that are biodegradable or able to be remelted/molded to delivery with 100% recyclable, repulpable & compostable packaging...and more!