We believe in humanity. The vast majority of people don’t want to intentionally harm others or the planet – but because of how complicated some things have become; we end up doing so inadvertently.

    EarthOne’s mission is to remove these layers of abstraction and make sustainable living easy and straightforward, from education, commerce and agriculture to tackling these issues at the root such as electric infrastructure and renewable energy generation facilities.

    To learn more about how we are currently achieving these milestones and our future roadmap, go HERE

    Meet The Team

    Ankur Bargotra Co-Founder & CTO B. Eng, Computer, McMaster University 4+ Years Experience In Cloud Infrastructure & Full Stack Development
    Sid Pereira Co-Founder & CEO B. Tech, McMaster University 4+ Years Manufacturing Experience in the Paper & Pulp Industry
    Pareek Ravi Head of Development B. Eng, Software, McMaster University 3+ Years experience in Full Stack Development
    Daniel Hacikyan Head of Operations B. Tech, McMaster University 3+ Years Experience in Sales Analytics & FinTech Product Implementation
    Ashley Labrecque Head of Horticulture B. Sa, Agriculture & Bioresources 8+ Years In The Field of Agriculture & Founder of Gardening In Canada.
    Owen Purdy Head of R&D B. Eng, Physics, Queens University 2+ Years Experience in Plant Engineering


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