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    In Progress
    Donating 10% of all revenue towards reforestation initiatives
    Making sustainability affordable with a variety of products
    Education on STEM topics (Sustainability, Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
    Developing smart farming prototypes
    Our Roadmap
    • Phase 1


      Provide a full line up of sustainable everyday products
      Price products as affordable as possible
      Partner with local manufacturers to support local economies


      Provide smart farming solutions to support local farming industries
      Utilize technology to help communities grow produce in their own homes
      Conserve water & valuable resources alike
      Provide plug and play vertical farming solutions


      Educate how we can leverage technology to create a circular and sustainable economy
      Educate individuals on how to reduce their carbon footprints and lead sustainable lifestyles
      Make it free and accessible to learn
    • Phase 2


      Take the lead on creating electric infrastructure throughout Canada & North America at large
      Install charging stations in local communities to promote an electrical future


      Deliver goods and services through low emission vehicles and with sustainable packaging
      Ensure that all last-mile deliveries are zero emission
      Contract our low emission vehicles to your favourite goods providers
    • Phase 3


      Build renewable energy infrastructure in local communities
      Invest in renewable energy to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels
      Generate energy from material in various waste streams

      CO2 Capture

      Install infrastructure to remove carbon emissions from our atmosphere
      Offset carbon emissions created from essential infrastructure
      Allow communities to thrive on flexible energy sources
    Your Questions, Answered
    Where does my money go and how can you prove your claims?

    To achieve the vast goals we have set, 100% of your money goes into funding the sustainable initiatives in our roadmap.

    In terms of providing proof, we are committed to publicly (and with no legal jargon) posting financial information, subscriber growth and impact data - so you can view all the projects that are being funded.

    Why did we create the Offset program?

    We created the Offset program to involve members of our communities and the world at large in solving the climate crisis.

    EarthOne was founded on the belief that sustainable living should be simple. It’s an unfortunate fact that currently being sustainable is difficult, from:

    • Researching Brands

    • Checking Claims

    • Looking Up Ingredients, Materials/Fabrics & Processes

    • Greenwashing – the list can go on and on...

    We wanted to simplify this entire process for you from education, commerce and your daily products to tackling these issues at the root such as electric infrastructure and renewable energy generation facilities.

    While we plan on growing to meet these milestones in the future it’s a fact that in our current political and economic environment unsustainable practices often win. This is why we launched Offset EarthOne, a program in which we are crowdsourcing a cure to the climate, ecological and overall sustainability crisis.

    Our membership program has many tiers, each with their own perks, and by becoming a member you are expediting our process in achieving these milestones and reaching our common goal of a sustainable future!

    Can this stop climate change?

    Climate change is an ongoing process. Just like working towards a nice physique or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the process is constant and the destination is always changing.

    Our priority is to conserve resources and extend the planet’s habitable years by vertically scaling our impact, while most importantly - thinking globally and acting locally.

    What makes you different than other reforestation or climate projects?

    Our commitment to make sustainability easy across all industries. Vertically scaling from commerce, to transportation and logistics, to infrastructure - we are dedicated to set sustainable living as the new standard.

    Are you a registered charity or non-profit?

    Ah, no. It might seem at odds with our mission, but there are many limitations - bureaucratic and otherwise, that would greatly hinder our ability to make a true positive impact. To achieve the vast goals we have set, we need to be able to scale rapidly and immediately tap into profits to invest into sustainable initiatives.

    While not officially a charity we in some regards do operate as one with our core company values of transparency and accountability. This translates to our commitment to publicly (and with no legal jargon) post financial information, subscriber growth and impact data.