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    Dempsey W. (Saskatchewan, Canada)
    Simple, sleek and effective

    Sustainability resonates from unboxing the 100% recyclable packaging to saving money by relying on a single razor, and avoiding burning through a package of disposable razors each month. Assembling the razor and inserting/removing blades is very straightforward. The jet black colour is really sleek looking and the weight and grip allows for superior handling, allowing you to comfortably maneuver around the delicate areas and complex angles of the face and neck. The incorporation of an old-school razor blade allows for very intimate adaptation to the skin, eliminating all stubble. As someone who is always in a rush shaving in the morning, it was a relief to get through a shave cut and irritation-free! Great product, great customer service, great vision!

    Nirupam S. (Ontario, Canada)

    Beautifully made, handle is my favorite part of it, and love how mechanical it looks!

    Mich L. (Ontario, Canada)
    Excellent & Stylish Bamboo Toothbrush

    Currently loving the bamboo toothbrushes from Earth One. They are so cute and works really well on my teeth and gums. Will be buying again for sure ☺️

    Liam B. (Ontario, Canada)
    Sustainability made Stylish

    I've been using my OneBrush for the past two (2) weeks, and I'm absolutely loving it thus far. The switch from a traditional plastic handle toothbrush, to a more weighty, bamboo handle really makes a difference. Brushing my teeth feels like a new experience in the mornings now, and the black bristles make it even more stylish (one of my favourite design features). I have had to adapt to brushing with less pressure, as the bristles were harder than I am accustomed to, but I hope to see softer brushes implemented in the future! Overall, great product!

    Hayley (Ontario, Canada)
    Great toothbrush and keeping the planet happy

    Sustainability is so important. These products really do make a difference. The toothbrush is amazing

    Joel G. (Ontario, Canada)
    Quick, Effective, Stylish

    I purchased the rose gold razor and I was very impressed at the short time it took to ship to my address. As an ecologically conscious person, I was pleased with the sustainable packaging and the replaceable razor blades. Trying out the razor for the first time, the weight of the razor felt great and the overall feel on my skin was better than your typical disposable razor. I got my face nice and smooth without a single cut or burn! The rose gold was a great touch too and looks great on my counter. All around thrilled with my purchase!

    Graham R. (Ontario, Canada)
    Shiny teeth, healthy planet

    I’ve been using the OneBrush for the past week and loving the results so far! The bristles are soft on my teeth and the brush handle is comfortable to hold. It’s a small change that is making a big difference for the planet. I would like to see EarthOne come up with environmentally-friendly travel toothbrush holders, so I can take this with me when I’m on the go!

    Veenu B. (Ontario, Canada)
    Fantastic product 👍

    These are great toothbrushes. I love that they are not plastic. The handle is made of bamboo They are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.Great value and a solid toothbrush and will definitely order them again 😊